“We absolutely love our new puppy. She is healthy, cute and smart. She is everything I have read about Maltese personalities; happy and playful, but not over the top. She barks, but only to tell us what she needs, not yappy. She is just four months old and already knows several words and sleeps through the night in her play pen. The only suggestion I have is that, it would have been really nice to have had her cleaned up better when she was brought to me.

- Marlana P



“Thank you thank you thank you. What a wonderful experience this has been for my husband and myself. We adopted Madi – now named Peaches 3 weeks ago and she has brought such joy to our family. Charlotte Adorable Pups Home was so accommodating every inch of the way keeping us informed of our adoption and what to expect and were always there for questions. We couldn’t have been more pleased and everyone we meet we share our experience. Thank you to the breeders of “Madi”. She is so loving and full of spirit. We know she was raised in a wonderful home. Again….thank you all.”

- Kate Doreen

Gold Coast

“Sam is a total joy! Working with all of you has been very nice and reassuring. Sam does have a Parasite, but the Vet is working with us providing meds and tests to clear that up. I would love to send a pic to you, but I am technically challenged. He has gained 6 pounds and I think all of that is in his legs. He is going to be a tall boy! Thank you for filling a very gaping hole in my life.”

- Joysyline


“Dior has been an absolute joy! She was a very shy pup still is but that’s okay. We just continued to love her and make sure she had everything she needed and she warmed up to us! She enjoys being outside as you can see, so every morning I open the patio door so she can look out there while I work before taking her out. She is the perfect puppy for me and glad I have her in my family now ?? charlotte adorable pups home was great and supportive I think everyone should buy from them!”

- Ellen D.


Suzzy (formerly known as Gina) has been an absolute joy since she came into our lives. She has brought so many smiles into our family during rough times. The process of adopting her was easy and I have loved taking her with me where I go. Should I ever be considering another puppy, I would love to go through here again.

- Jomaan Abug

- Perth